Devangel – Two Old Enemies

Filed Under (Techno) on 05-20-2012

Devangel – Two Old Enemies

Artist: Devangel
Title: Two Old Enemies
Label: Fluro Music
Style: Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Everything about what my soul suffered is collected in this release. “Two old enemies” – this track is devoted to former enemies who came today to conciliation. War is senseless, and people are priceless. Let the enmity will remain in the past, and let peace will be infinite. “Dog tears” – humanity often behaves silly in relation to surrounding. We have proclaimed ourselves owners of a planet and instead of protecting weak and keep what we have, we destroy! Remember that animals same as well as we, only we are more sensible ,but at times it seems that it not so. “Deholy” – everyone has a crash in life. And my track Deholy was written in a condition of a melancholy on background collapse of feelings. My life is music, so I try to do my music alive.

1. Devangel – Two Old Enemies (Original Mix)
2. Devangel – Dog Tears (Original Mix)
3. Devangel – Decholy (Original Mix)